Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Excellent Talk Dispelling Myths Put by Opponents of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Robert Gittleson has an excellent piece dispelling many of the myths set forth by opponents of comprehensive immigration reform. The piece is entitled "Dispelling the Divisive Myths of Comprehensive Immigration Reform" in the current issue of Immigration Daily. Gittleson articulates the gist of his position:

In the article, I identify four of the most prominent and divisive myths. First, That CIR is bad for our national security. Second, that Immigrants cost our country more in social services then they contribute in tax revenue. Third, the CIR is basically just code for amnesty, and that if it passes, it will just make the problem worse, by encouraging increased illegal immigration. And fourth, that because these undocumented immigrants came here illegally, the U.S. has no moral or ethical obligation to legalize their status and allow them to stay.

Most definitely worth a read. Pass it on to interested parties.

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