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Conservative Republicans Outraged by Radical Nativist Element Taking over Party

Eristic Ragemail has written extensively on the racist roots of nativist and anti-immigrant groups such as VDARE and FAIR. We make no bones about the fact that our agenda is pro-immigrant and in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. There is, however, an interesting web site that is hosted by concerned conservative Republicans. ( Their concern stems from the fact that the party is being hijacked by radical right interests. Their mission statement pretty straightforwardly set out their concerns.


by SJ Reidhead on Wed 21 Jun 2006 10:24 PM MDT

The purpose of The Subway Canaries is to expose intellectually dishonest conservative ideological hypocrisy.

The Subway Canaries are stalwart Republicans who are dismayed at the direction subversively extreme conservative ideologues are taking the GOP.

The Subway Canaries feel if the true agenda of these individuals and organizations are not exposed to the light of day, the Republican Party will either become the party of Extreme Right Wing Hate and Racism or be forever relegated to a minority party.

This is our only agenda. It is an agenda of truth and intellectual honesty - Truth, Justice and the American Way!

The Subway Canaries are Republican First and conservative second. Any other way is a betrayal of the Republican Party.

Their posts very forthrightly set out some out the roots of many supposedly “mainstream” nativist groups and their loathsome tactics. Herein are some excerpts.


NOTE: I was planning to a piece on the FLDS (I have some new information) but was side-tracked by this story. I think this is something that needs to be told. I know I am telling it one-sided, against the Minutemen in California. But what I have found is so repulsive and so vile it needs to be exposed to the light of day. It is obvious someone is going to cross the line one of these days and shots are going to be fired. I have a feeling it will be a Minuteman or one of their supporter who will do the shooting. When this happens and a defense is made, naturally the Hispanic is going to be the evil one.

I think these videos are terribly important. They show how abjectly evil these people are.

Do you have the courage to watch these videos? There are a number of them at Minutemen Unvarnished – and take nearly an hour to watch. Watch the video “Do You Believe in Jesus” as the San Diego Minutemen harass parishioners at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Fallbrook. This is in Fallbrook, CA. . . .

If this is what Sheriff Joe is allowing in Maricopa County, then he is as vile as are these individuals. I don’t care what side of the immigration argument you are on. If you think this is good, decent, and patriotic, then you are seriously disturbed and as evil as are these individuals. When you start harassing people attending church, and mace people as they are going into church as this video shows you are as bad as they are.

After watching these videos, it appears to me that there is an anti-Catholic. I’ve been covering the anti-immigration crowd’s anti-Catholic bigotry for several days. Yesterday mentioned that Harold Hutchinson at Called As Seen had picked up on the anti-Catholic bigotry of Tom Tancredo and Lou Dobbs. Harold references a WSJ piece about how they “insulted the Pope”. l The Opinionated Catholic has more. JJ mentions an editorial at Modern Commentaries about Michelle Malkin and her anti-Catholic rants. It is obvious there is a strong anti-Catholic bias in the whole anti-immigration movement, promoted by John Tanton and his dislike of anyone who is not lily white. Why?
LA Times

“…t's not too surprising that one of the pontiff's most vocal critics was the poor man's Howard Beale, CNN personality Lou Dobbs. He's made something of a specialty of bashing the Catholic hierarchy in recent years, as part of his pseudo-populist campaign for ratings. Dobbs charged Benedict with "mixing religion and politics ... in many ways insulting our country, talking about the need to be welcoming. ... I really don't appreciate the bad manners of a guest telling me in this country and my fellow citizens what to do." Well, there you go, though the pope got off easy compared with L.A. civic leaders, whom Dobbs blasted after an earlier -- and totally misleading -- report on Special Order 40 and the case of Jamiel Shaw II, a young man allegedly shot to death by an illegal immigrant who is a gang member. Dobbs called city officials "liars" and singled out Police Chief Bill Bratton, whose defense of Special Order 40 -- which puts certain restrictions on when police can inquire about a suspect's immigration status -- the broadcaster called "irresponsible" and "disgusting politics." "And I think every one of you in the city of Los Angeles, running that city, supporting a sanctuary city and trying to excuse what happened to that family, I think it is contemptible," said Dobbs….”

(WARNING: These videos feature profanity and obscene gestures)

(MigraMatters) If this is an example of those who are anti-illegal and are “Minutemen” in
San Diego, then I’d rather be castigated for being against them. These people are filthy, vile, nasty trash. This is a link to a video. I am not doing an inbed, because of the filthy language. From Minutemen Unvarnished comes a ‘best of’ collection of videos about the Minutemen. Maybe you might want to ask for your money back (if they can account for it). You might want to watch “I’m Allowed to Threaten People”. The jerk is wearing a minuteman cap. Look at the people who are with the Minutemen. I wouldn’t let them in my driveway, let alone associate with them. The one “Keep Your Hands to Yourselves” features San Diego Minuteman Founder Jeff Schwilk. Try watching the one “Are You Legal?”

How about this Minuteman waving his flag? He’s nothing but a thug. Watch “Remember after the
Alamo” to see what these people look like. They are scary. Watch “No Talking Chickens”. “Hello Witches” features the leader of the San Diego Minutemen harassing two activists. Watch as the Minutemen follow the women, attempting to terrorize them. Do you really think these are nice people? If I were those women, I would have been terrified. The San Diego Minutemen were founded by Jim Gilchrist.

In “If You Love Mexicans” Jeff Schwilk accosts a Home Depot customer. A minuteman then spits at the camera person. “Get out of here” Jeff Schwilk goes after a Home Depot customer. “Morning Wetbacks” shows how gentile the Minutemen are.

In “Vermin of
VistaJeff Schwilk harasses and intimidates another activist. This man is seriously disturbed. I can’t believe people actually believe the you know what these people spout. In “Bring It On” he tries to mace someone who disagrees with him. In “He’s Trying to Scare Her” our boy Jeff finally gets picked up by a cop for harassing women.

Can you watch these videos and not call them evil? Do you really want to have sympathy for them and for their cause? These people think nothing of interrupting a church service because the people inside are Hispanic. “Can I Get Your Name” is the video. Then in “The Church is Nothing but Pimps” just shows how vile they are, using a loud speaker to blast a church service. Obviously Sheriff Joe isn’t the only one who doesn’t give a rip about disrupting church services. They call the Catholic Church nothing but pimps. Too bad these people can’t be arrested for disturbing a worship service.

Why don’t decent people realize how nasty these individuals are? “I gotta be Freakin’ Rank” shows this same bunch disrupting a funeral so they can harass people near-by. Obviously they have no morality or decency. In this one, a Minuteman did not wear deodorant, and then fans his nasty body in front of Hispanics. A woman is speaking Spanish. They keep yelling at her to shut up. (

The site is comprehensive and includes research on the whole community of nativists with links to their own material exposing the hatred and racism espoused by the groups that find their way on Fox News and to Lou Dobbs mouth. Read it and weep.

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SJ Reidhead said...

Thanks for mentioning The Subway Canaries. I've done several pieces on my primary blog, The Pink Flamingo the past few days along the same line.

I'm trying to get good, honorable conservatives to understand that conservatives aren't always good and liberals aren't always bad. There are some bad conservatives and good liberals. It's the 'bad apples' that cause all the problems.

The Pink Flamingo

Hugo C. said...

Here's a quote from Ann Coulter I found on the anti-immigrant site. In this argument, Coulter's trying to refute the claim that Mexican immigrants are here doing jobs that Americans won't.

Ann says:

"For the record, I'll volunteer right now to clean other people's apartments if I don't have to pay taxes on what I earn. "

Yeah. Can't you just see that?
Ann Coulter?
Doing physical labor -- and doing it gladly?
For less than minimum wage?

As a matter of fact, it's true! Yup. I've been telling all my friends that I just got the most outstanding deal on housekeeping.

"Ann Coulter cleans my house," I say, to their astonishment. "Yeah . . . THAT Ann Coulter."

"See, she volunteered -- in writing -- to clean people's houses for practically nothing -- as long as she doesn't have to pay taxes. Well, I decided to call her bluff. I told her: 'Ann . . . darling . . . look . . . I'LL pay all your taxes for you. You just clean my toilets, make my bed, and take care of my kids for $40 a day, and I'll handle all the taxes. 'Kay?'"

And you know what? She was as good as her word. She had to take me up on my offer of low-paying, physically exhausting labor. because SHE PROMISED. As we all know, Republicans never make false promises.

So now my house is sparkling clean all the time. And it's all courtesy of Ann Coulter, right-wing political pundit.

Oh, sometimes I catch her napping or watching TV news shows on the job. (Then I have to dock her pay.) But most of the time I have to admit that she does a pretty decent job. I'm even thinking about asking her to do some yard work for me this summer. (I've got a rock wall that needs fixing.)

Of course, it won't be the same quality as if I had it done by a real immigrant. But that's ok. I'm not going for quality here. I'm just trying to help a nice, Republican "intellectual" make her point.

"Don't over-exert yourself, Ann," I'll tell her if I see her straining too hard under the heat of the summer sun. "Always remember to lift with your legs, dear. And take it one rock at a time."

"That's right, dear. One rock at a time."

Hugo C.

TruthBrigade said...

If you want more good stuff on what the minutemen are about, be sure to check this link...feel free to email for more.