Friday, May 30, 2008

In North Carolina, Dole Uses Tired Anti-Immigrant Cant in Desperate Move to Rescue Sagging Poll Numbers

As you may recall, Barack Obama kicked A** in North Carolina and Democratic Senatorial Candidate, Kay Hagen, is closing in on incumbent GOP Senator Elizabeth Dole. The latest polling shows Hagen within 5 points of Dole, which for a red state like North Carolina is pretty damned good. In a move to shore up her support, Dole has resorted to a ploy from the tired old Republican playbook of the politics of hate. Dole has started catterwalling about "illegal immigration" with an expensive ad campaign. Unfortunately for Dole, the illegal immigrant canard does not have the traction as a wedge issue that gay marriage and abortion once did. Look for a major fizzle on this issue, but if Dole wants to spend big bucks on ineffective and tired wedge issues all the better for Hagen.

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