Saturday, July 5, 2008

FAIR Ad Targets Left

The ad in the leftist publication, The Nation, seems appropriate enough, a call to save our diminishing resources. The ad bemoans the destruction of “picturesque land into suburban sprawl.” A huge bulldozer is shown ready to tear down pristine-looking forest land. Authoritative sources are cited, the Pew Hispanic Research Center and the Census Bureau. It ends with a dire warning: “300 Million People Today, 600 Million Tomorrow. Think About It.”

Is it an ad for the Sierra Foundation, the Nature Conservancy or some other progressive environmental group? Wait, it’s from a group called, America’s Leadership Team for Long Range Population-Immigration Resource Planning.” Hmmn. I’ve never heard of these guys. Wait, they’re part of a coalition. Let’s see who is part of this “progressive coalition?” According to the ad this nature conservancy group is made up of the following organizations:

- American Immigration Control Foundation

- Californians for Population Stabilization

- Federation for American Immigration Reform

- NumbersUSA

- Social Contract Press

Geez Louise, where was The Nation’s Editor when the advertising department took this ad? I know we are not going to censor speech, blah, blah blah… but would the Nation accept ads from The Aryan Nation, Holocaust deniers, Fox News etc…? Maybe, but they would take the opportunity to slap their sponsor around with a full disclosure of the nefarious characters masquerading as progressives. So why did the Nation fail to run a nice expose on The Social Contract Press and its white supremacist views, never mind its completely reactionary content? Shame on the Nation Magazine! We expect better of such a venerated progressive publication. Give ‘em a call and ask them when they started running ads by white supremacists?

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