Friday, July 11, 2008

Like Marshmallow for Chocolate: My conversation with Peter Brimelow with a Response by Peter Brimelow

Ragemail Responds

What I find most incredible and disturbing about the responses from Peter Brimelow’s groupies is the utter lack of shock at the extreme nature of the statements that come out of Brimelow’s mouth. I say, “come out of Brimelow’s mouth,” since every single element of my parody is taken from actual statements made by Brimelow, right down to his statement about defending the white race and “get used to it.” Make no bones about it, Peter Brimelow is a dyed in the wool racist, xenophobe and all-around fascist. I could throw in a few more “isms” but the catch-all “fascist” (despite its loss in currency through over-use) most accurately defines Brimelow’s ideology better than any other number of categories of hate.

This Brimelow guy means to undermine our republic. For someone who rails on about aliens who fail to assimilate, I am profoundly disturbed that this British wanker apparently snookered INS into letting him pass his citizenship test despite his avowed fascist tendencies.

Brimelow has no respect for American Democracy. He needs to be deported! Accordingly, I am henceforth starting the “Deport Peter Brimelow Society” with the aim of stripping this fascist of his naturalized citizenship and sending his limey ass back across the Atlantic where he can bugger his fascist buddies at the British National Party.

(For your information, Brimelow, my people were here before the American Civil War was fought. In fact, on my mother’s side they were in the Western territories before the Revolution against King George. So kiss my ass, you slimy racist.)

So I was getting really ticked off at all the nativist crap published on the VDare website when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I reached for the phone. The site’s editor is Peter Brimelow, a British expat who is obsessed with Hispanic immigrants and the threat they pose to his son, Alexander and his daughter, Sue. I decided to have it out with Brimelow, once and for all, man to man --- mano a mano. I dialed up his number and the bloke picked up.

“Brimelow?” I said. “Peter Brimelow? Is that you?”

“The very same. ‘Ow can I ‘elp yer, mate?” he replied, in a distinct British accent.

“Peter, I have to tell you, as a Latino, I’m getting really pissed off at all of the anti-Latino hate speech you’ve been spewing out onto the Web. I mean, what gives with you, man? You didn’t even grow up in this country, much less in L.A. or El Paso, so you can’t be carrying a grudge ‘cause some of my peeps kicked your ass or something. So what is it with you?”

“And ‘oo mightchoo be then, mate?”

“Razzo, Razzo Castro. And don’t call me ‘mate’, all right? I have a blog called Eristic Ragemail. It’s all about elite racist peckerwoods such as yourself, who disseminate bogus statistics on immigration.”

“Right! Ragemail, eh? Can’t say I’ve ‘ad the pleasure of reading it, Razzo. An’ what’s that you said about ‘peckerwoods’? Was that meant to be derogat’ry?”

“You should check the Ragemail site out sometime, Brimelow. After all, you’re featured prominently on the site, right next to the section on Hitler.”

“Whazzat? Bloody ‘itler, eh? Where you get off wif dat, exackly? I only lays out the facts. What people does wiv ‘em is their own business. Follow me?”

“Facts!? You call the garbage you spew out, ‘facts?’ Man, you are deluded. Seriously. I mean come on Pete – I can call you Pete, can’t I? – you know damn well that, immigrants don’t make up 25% of the US federal prison population. As for public assistance, immigrants aren’t even eligible for that –not that anybody is any more. And do you seriously believe your claim that aliens are responsible for suburban sprawl? Last time I was in the suburbs I didn’t see too many low riders out there, joo-know-whad-I-meeng?

And what’s with the racist crap about immigrants bringing in leprosy. Come on man, you are a smart guy, why do you put out such… horseshit?

“Look, Razzo. (Say, what kind of name is that anyway: ‘Razzo.’) I appreciate you takin’ the time to call me, but I’m not goin’ a sit ‘ere and debate wif you if you’s goin’ a be ‘ostile.”

“Ok. But, just so you know, all this stuff is really meant to scare white people . . . I mean, seriously . . . Leprosy? That’s so yesterday. Why not something with a little more traction, like Ebola or Marburg? I mean, if you’re going to invent exotic diseases carried by aliens why don’t you at least pick something a little trendier; something that wasn’t originally brought here by the slaves dragooned by your illustrious forefathers?”

“Ok, ok. Maybe the leprosy fing was a stretch, but it spun so well for my man, Lou Dobbs, I figured hell, why not just keep it spinnin’, like. Why go to the trouble of reinventin’ the wheel, so to speak? Ha ha ha. I do like the Ebola/Marburg angle, though. ‘ow you spell that: Marburg? Never mind; I’ll Google it. I needs some material fer me nex’ column.”

“See, there you go again, making stuff up to tarnish Latinos. You really have to take a hard look in the mirror, my man. And I don’t mean so you can coif that impeccable white mane of yours. I mean you need to look in the mirror so you can really see yourself for what you are and say: Is this really the legacy I want to leave? A legacy of hatred?”

“Razzo, I ain’t either fomentin’ ‘atred. In fact, I resents the implication, as it were.”

“Bullshit, Pete! You most certainly are fomenting hatred. I mean when your pal, Steve Sailer, writes that Black women and Asian men are doomed to evolutionary extinction because they are too ugly… what the hell do you call that?”

“Yeah, Steve did kind of go a little bit overboard wiv dat one. ‘e should’ve cited ‘is sources, ‘e should.”

“Or when you endorsed the Minutemen vigilantes? Didn’t you know the Minutemen are like Ku Klux Klan?

Like? Hell, they are the KKK!”

“On the other ‘and, you ‘as to admit that they do enjoy a certain amount of – ‘ow you call it? – popular support. An’ you ‘as to pick your dogs wherever you finds ‘em.”

“But . . . why do you have to lie so much? I mean you just constantly make stuff up, like saying that whites are at zero population growth and that US population is going to double due to ‘dark immigrants.’ Where do you get that shit?”

“Look, you misunderstood what I said, mate. What I meant to say was that when you considers the whatsit? . . . um . . . the net aggregate . . . yeah . . . that’s it: the net aggregate . . . – which is not just the new immigrants, but all the immigrants what’s come in since 1970 – yeah, when you considers the net aggregate, then my statement is in fact, accurate, as it were.”

“So you mean, like me and my kids and their kids’ kids?”


“Well, by that standard ALL population growth is going to come from people born after 1970, no matter their race or ethnicity. After all, the child-bearing years belong to the young . . .like your child bride.”

“’Ey now! No need to get personal! What you got against child brides, any’ow?”

“Hey, I’m not faulting you for marrying someone half your age. I mean if you really are concerned about the decline of the Aryan race, you need to keep breeding, even if you have to keep on doing it into your senescence. In fact, according to your logic you, as scion of the noble white race, should acquire several child brides. In fact, I know just the group for you . . .”

“My wife ‘as got nuffin’ to do wiv dis. Besides, I already ‘as kids by me first wife.”

“We all know that you have kids, Pete. How could we not? You bring up your little girl Sue and your ‘blonde, blue-eyed’ boy, Alexander James Frank Brimelow, at every speaking opportunity. Hell, we even know their birthdates, since you relate these dates to the ‘brown apocalypse’ that your children will supposedly experience in their lifetimes.”

“Well, I do fink that if we continues to favor the darker races with quotas and affirmative action, poor little Alexander James will one day be punished just for being white. ‘E’ll be a victim of reverse racism, in fact. You can’t deny that.”

“Jesssuuuuuuuuuuuus, I just had an epiphany! That’s really what’s bugging you, isn’t it? You left the comfort of Jolly Old England, Jolly White Old England, hoping to find more of your own kind in the land across the sea. But instead, to your horror and dismay, what you found was a country practically overrunning with darkies. And now you’re afraid that one of your kids might even marry one of them? Is that it? Oh the horror! The horror! Pete, you must wake up drenched in sweat at the nightmare of being forced to one day dandle some chocolate-brown grandchild on your knee, in your own home. Oh my god; think of it! Your own grandchild!”

“Stop it! Stop it Razzo, you wanker. Clearly you are part of the problem, you mudwave surfer. Fuckin’ piece of third world trash!”

“Whoa, Peter! Get a grip on yourself, man. It’s just a fact that you’ll have to accept: the possibility that your own personal DNA might one day become contaminated with alien stock. How does Sue Madison Sanchez sound? Has a nice muddy-brown ring to it, doesn’t it? Think of it: Your little snow-white Suzie married to a swarthy Mexican cholo. It just wigs you out, doesn’t it?”

“Look Razzo, if that is your name . . . I admits that I doesn’t much like the thought of my daughter marrying an illegal anything. But my concerns is purely for the integrity of our great white ‘ardworkin’ Protestant culture is all. That is what is at issue ‘ere, and that is what is threatened by illegal immigration.”

“You mean, the purity of the white race, right?”

“Razzo, I fink this conversation ‘as gone far enough. Goodbye.” [CLICK]

“But Pete! Wait! I wanted you to explain why immigrants are to blame for the Northern Virginia suburbs.”


After this was posted Cronulla posted a defense of Peter Brimelow. Mr. Brimelow subsequently felt the need to clear the record. Herein his response.

Peter Brimelow responds:

Cronulla, you old plonker, thanks for writing in on my behalf mate. I really think you laid to rest the load of clobbers peddled by that third-world wanker Razzo. The only racist, in my conversation with Razzo, was the duffer on the other end of the phone. You can’t know how cheesed off I got when I saw that third world toff transcribed our phone conversation. Hell, I was honking gallons into the loo after reading his insults. So, I’ll finish correcting the record that you so ably started. Thanks again mate.

It is a fact that America is getting darker and we need to act to stop that. As you know the opening to the Constitution, the preamble, actually says the purpose of the constitution is to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity, not posterity in general, our posterity. The posterity of the people who were living in the U.S. at the time. And that was a nation which was entirely white and it was also very heavily, overwhelmingly Protestant: 98 percent Protestant. So our founders envisioned an entirely white nation that was close to 100% Protestant. I don’t know why people get all scatty when I state this. This is a fact. The constitution did not envision securing the blessings of liberty to Blacks, Catholics or Hispanics, let alone immigrants.

Razzo wants to tarnish VDare because we publish white nationalists like Steve Sailer and Pat Buchanan. We publish on a few writers, for example Jared Taylor, whom I would regard as “white nationalist, in the sense that they aim to defend the interests of American whites. They are not white supremacists as the PC police would have you believe. But they unashamedly work for their people…Get used to it! As immigration policy drives whites into a minority, this type of interest-group "white nationalism" will inexorably increase, and we will be there defending our people. So get used to it! We of the white race, will not go down without a fight.

Steve Sailer, another white nationalist, is also one of our contributors, and as you, Cronilla say, his comments on Asian men and Black women losing out in the evolutionary race, have been misinterpreted by the same duffers who accuse us of being white supremacists. What Steve actually wrote in his essay, "Is Love Colorblind," was as follows:

The general pattern to be explained is: blacks are more in demand as husbands than as wives, and vice-versa for Asians. The question is, what accounts for it?

The force driving these skewed husband - wife proportions appears to be differences in perceived sexual attractiveness. On average, black men tend to appear slightly more and Asian men slightly less masculine than white men, while Asian women are typically seen as slightly more and black women as slightly less feminine than white women.

So, what makes blacks more masculine-seeming and Asians more feminine-seeming? 1) Asian men tend to be shorter than white and black men. Does this matter in the mating game? One of America's leading hands-on researchers into this question, 7'1", 280-pound basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain, reports that in his ample experience being tall and strong never hurt. Biological anthropologists confirm this, finding that taller tends to be better in the eyes of most women in just about all cultures. Furthermore, it can be rather cold comfort to a 5'7" Asian who is competing for dates with white and black guys averaging 5'11" to hear, ``Your sons will grow up on average a couple of inches taller than you, assuming, of course, that you ever meet a girl and have any kids.'' In contrast, consider a 5'1" Asian coed. Although she'd be happy with a 5'7" boyfriend if she were in an all-Asian school, at UCLA she finds lots of boys temptingly much taller than that, but few are Asian.

2) Since women do not go bald and can generally grow longer hair than men, most cultures associate longer hair with femininity. Although blacks' hair doesn't grow as long as whites' or Asians' hair, that's not a problem for black women in all-black societies. After integration, though, hair often becomes an intense concern for black women competing with longer-haired women of other races.

3) Muscularity may most sharply differentiate the races in terms of sexual attractiveness. Women like men who are stronger than they; men like women who are rounder and softer. The frustrations of Asian men are a warning sign. When, in the names of freedom and feminism, young women listen less to the hard-earned wisdom of older women about how to pick Mr. Right, they listen even more to their hormones. This allows cruder measures of a man's worth -- like the size of his muscles -- to return to prominence.

As you can see, Steve was just pointing out the scientific basis for the sexual preference that discriminates against black women and Asian men. It’s a fact that women like their men big and men like their women soft. I don’t know why that Razzo wanker has to twist this into some kind of racist argument. It’s the same way that the PC police twisted my arguments in the essay “America’s Immigration Policy—Hitler’s Revenge?

And as you, Cronulla, rightly point out, who is the racist when it comes to my children. As some of you who have read my book, Alien Nation, will remember, the most denounced passage was my reference to my little boy, Alexander, who had then just been born. There is reference in this book to his blue eyes and blond hair. Alexander James Frank Brimelow is an American, although I was still a British subject and his mother a Canadian when he shot into the New York delivery room, yelling indignantly, one summer dawn in 1991. I was merely pointing out the unintended consequences of the 14th Amendment. This is because of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, states in part:

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

We need to repeal the 14th Amendment which was passed after the Civil War in an attempt to stop Southern states denying their newly freed slaves the full rights of citizens. What with all these illegals having anchor babies, it’s just literally changing the colour of our nation. And just because I mentioned that my son is blond and blue-eyed, all these people accuse me of racism. They want to see racism, go talk to the multi-culturalists.

The drive toward multiculturalism now exists in every English-speaking country. It exists because there are people who don’t like the majority white culture in these countries and want to undermine it. And in the U.S. it particularly exists because of the African-American population which, in many ways, is almost like a fetal nation. I mean blacks are developing in quite different ways culturally to the rest of the population and it’s a very deep-seated problem for the Americans. There is a sense in which current immigration policy is Adolf Hitler’s posthumous revenge on America. You see, African-Americans are the model for the Hispanics that are invading our country and fomenting multi-culturalism. We need to control the development of the African-American population just as we need to exclude the Hispanic growth.

Finally, that wanker Razzo brings up the whole Leprosy thing. I mean, yeah you had Brits bringing Africans over in conditions that bred disease. But of more immediate significance to readers is who was blamed for the spread of leprosy in the news reports.

National Geographic News: Leprosy Was Spread by Colonialism, Slave Trade [May 12 2005]

BBC News: Slave trade key to leprosy spread [May 13 2005]

(“European colonialism and the slave trade probably played a key role in the spread of leprosy, research suggests.”)

“…the disease may have begun in East Africa…then spread to the other continents in part through European colonialism and later the slave trade.”

In other words, although this ancient disease was rampant throughout Europe and Asia by early medieval times, the study is being used as another occasion to denigrate the whites of Western Europe, solidly fixed in the media mind as the only practitioners of colonialism and slave trading. The source of this ahistorical slander, sadly, is the press release put out by head of the Pasteur Institute unit responsible for the study, Dr Stewart Cole:

“Europeans and North Africans then spread leprosy to West Africa… Europeans also introduced leprosy to North America.

“‘Colonialism was extremely bad for parts of the world in terms of human health,’ said Cole.”

In other words, the brief period of European rule in the Third World, which triggered a population explosion there because of the introduction of public health disciplines, law, order, technology and capital, creating an improving living standard the post- colonial regimes have been pitifully unable to maintain, was “extremely bad.” However leprosy spread in the past, the answer to stopping extension in the future is obvious: curtail 3rd World immigration. The brutal truth is that immigrants bring disease..

The problem really boils down to letting these brown hordes have a voice in our democracy. Well that's really the problem and also we didn't have the institutionalization of of factionalization, in the sense of voting right acts and voting rights which is moving towards a proportional representation system where everybody gets everybody gets represented. That is a big part of the problem: too much democracy. I say deport them all!! And toss out their kids, who were born in this country, with them. I hope this clears out any confusion.

Your truly,

Peter Brimelow, V.B.A.*

(V.B.A. – Very Big A*shole)


Cronulla said...

"all the nativist crap published on

"Is this really the legacy I want to leave? A legacy of hatred?”

Reading your satire, even though you wrote both sides of the 'debate' only one person sounds like theyve got hate and it aint Peter.

"Steve Sailer, writes that Black women and Asian men are doomed to evolutionary extinction because they are too ugly… what the hell do you call that?”

No he didnt, as you well know or maybe you dont, in which case you shouldnt be writing that.

“Or when you endorsed the Minutemen vigilantes? Didn’t you know the Minutemen are like Ku Klux Klan?"

Vigilantes? Have they shot anyone, lynched anyone? How are they like the KKK exactly. La Raza has more in common with the KKK. Good old double standards again I suppose.

"that whites are at zero population growth and that US population is going to double due to ‘dark immigrants.’ Where do you get that shit?”

White birthrates are at a very low level. 'Dark immigrants' continue to immigrate at a high rate and they and their children have higher birthrates that native whites. Are you suggesting that this isnt true?

“Well, by that standard ALL population growth is going to come from people born after 1970, no matter their race or ethnicity. After all, the child-bearing years belong to the young . . .like your child bride.”

Wow this is your big clever debating point isnt it?

What counts in a world historical sense is ethnicity not some rubber stamp passport, after all if ethnicity is irrelevant, which is what you are implying, then why worry whether the population of the US is 'dark' or white or whatever or whether Mexicans or whoever are allowed to immigrate. What do you care, it doesnt matter.

“We all know that you have kids, Pete. How could we not? You bring up your little girl Sue and your ‘blonde, blue-eyed’ boy"

Again what do you care, they are merely individuals, sounds like youve got some sort of hang-up about race. Not a racist are you?

“Alexander James will one day be punished just for being white. ‘E’ll be a victim of reverse racism, in fact. You can’t deny that.”

Your words of course, 'reverse racism', because only whites can be guilty of real racism. Mr Hypocrite speaks again!

"You left the comfort of Jolly Old England, Jolly White Old England, hoping to find more of your own kind in the land across the sea. But instead, to your horror and dismay, what you found was a country practically overrunning with darkies."

Dont worry on that score, Britain is being blessed with more diverse vibrancy every day.

"Razzo, you wanker."


"You mean, the purity of the white race, right?”

Yet again, what do you care? Race has got nothing to do with anything has it.

Dee said...

I loved your post.
You provided plenty of truth along with a peppering of satire.
Brimelow, of course is a White Nationalist. His website, VDare has a long history of racist advocacy.
I read his biography. He was born in England in 1947 and didnt move to Canada until the 70s. He has background in finance and then, in 78, was in DC and became an aid for Orrin Hatch. Hatch came into the Senate in 77. What is an enigma is the fact that Hatch supported looser Immigration policies and the Dream Act. So where did Brimelow learn his hateful ways?
In 1980, he became the editor of Forbes.
Another enigma, as a resident of England, Canada, DC and New York, strictly elbowing with his "upper crust" friends, where did he develop his hatred for minorities overall, and Latinos specifically? Brimelow applauded Jared Taylor´s racist book in 93 then wrote his "Alien Nation" book in 95. As such a new immigrant to our USA, he couldn´t have been taught his racist behaviors here. I suspect he was "carefully taught" (as the song goes) by his elitist parents.

Dee said...

Your comments do not hold water.
Lets start with Sailer. He is a well known RACIST!!
Here are a few of Sailer´s quotes from VDare:

African-Americans "tend to possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups".
"The brutal truth: Obama is a 'wigger'. He's a remarkably exotic variety of the faux African-American, but a wigger nonetheless."
Wigger: a slang term that refers to a white person who emulates mannerisms, slangs and fashions stereotypically associated with urban African Americans; especially in relation to hip hop culture."

After Katrina, he wrote:
the "unofficial state motto" of Lousiana, "Let the good times roll," is "an especially risky message for African-Americans," adding: "The plain fact is that they tend to possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups. Thus they need stricter moral guidance from society."

"there was only minimal looting after the horrendous 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan -- because, when you get down to it, Japanese aren't blacks." Later, he stated: "Poor black people seldom cooperate well with each other because they don't trust other blacks much, for the perfectly rational reason that they commit large numbers of crimes against each other."

Dee said...

The minutemen have been charged with a number of offenses.
Shall we start with the Mountain minutemen and their youtube videos of shooting illegal immigrants? What about all of their attacks of the Day Labor sites? A number of Minutemen Leaders have left the organization. There are charges and accusations by the minutemen themeselves of thievery of hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations for the supposed border fence they were going to build. A recent accusation by a female MM claiming she was attacked by an illegal immigrant. She faces charges for her false charges. The ADL has proclaimed the Minutemen, Sailer, VDARE and other groups as Racist Hategroups. All of this the truth!!

Dee said...

Additionally, as Razzo said, you, Peter and others have no statistically valid data to prove your false claims. When the data doesnt prove you right, you make it up and write your articles anyway.
The truth is Greenspan, Bernanke and other financial experts have said the Immigrants, legal and illegal, have resulted in a positive overall net benefit. Even an economist on your side, Dr. Borjas, agrees.

Your side should stop with all of the lies and skewed data you publish.

But wait, you can´t do that. Where will your income come from? Your side benefits by creating this aura of fear and hate.

John said...

OK Eristic, the phony phone conversation is clearly satire, but were you going to inform your readers that the response is fake as well? You employ large red font in your "RESPONSE" header leading us to believe that Peter has actually responded to your satire, when in fact it's obviously more parody.

However, I'm afraid that it's only "obviously" parody to someone who actually reguarly reads, like myself. Unfortunately, I think most of your blog's regular readers lack the ability to differentiate.

John said...

Another thing--kind of silly to write both sides of a "debate"? I had to laugh when reading it--it's exactly what I imagine leftist types reading when they encounter real intellectual thought, like the kind regularly displayed at VDARE. It's almost like you wrote a good parody of yourself.

As for Dee's comment, yeah we're all "racists" blah blah blah. If you're winning an argument with a liberal you're racist. If VDARE is racist for advocating for the majority, then why aren't you racist for advocating for the minority? Let's talk about some of the things LaRaza or MeCHA officals have said, shall we? Far more "racist" than anything VDARE has advocated.

Not that I don't support LaRaza's right to free speech (they certainly don't support ours)--I do. You can advocate for your group, I'll advocate for mine. Immigration restriction isn't "anti-" anything, it's about preserving a way of life, a way of government, and a cultural tradition that is unique. The same way Mexico operates [i]already[/i] by severely restricting immigration on [i]their[/i] southern border.

Cronulla said...

Nice of you guys to bring 'facts' into the debate.

So hispanic illegals are no more criminal than the white population...right. Apart from being illegally present in the first place.

Dee, you post your devastating critique of Sailer he is *yikes!* a racist apparently. Im sure he is simply reeling from the cut and thrust of your finely honed argument.

Which was what exactly? Which statements do you actually disagree with? Most of them sound pretty plausible, just not PC.

Cronulla said...

Dee, I see from your profile that some regard you as a pro-immigration Ann Coulter. Im laughing right here, she would eat you alive girl!

Your little school girl complaint about Sailer for example, is that all you've got? You're gonna have to be a lot tougher than that, actually use some arguments rather than pointing and saying "mommy, the nasty man scared me with some bad words."

Btw I cant stand Coulter, neocon yuk.

John said...

LOL? We're the facists?

Who wants to stifle free speech? Ask Janet Murguia at (oh sorry that was a typo, WeCanStopThe"Hate".org--just call any logical argument you can't defeat "hate" and it makes censorship O.K., right?)

Who wants to radically alter the ethnic balance of the American nation without first ASKING the American people if that's what they want? (Like you say, this *is* a democracy after all, last time I checked. If our side wins the debate, the illegals get to go home. There is not civil "right" to immigrate wherever you want, whenever you want.)

Who wants to transform government into a giant handout scheme, but *only* for certain "oppressed" groups? (sounds like a facist policy to me)

Who wants to continue to help big business pay @#$% wages to illegal workers whenever they can't find an American to do the job for that dismal wage? (answer: not our side)

P.S. You know how Cesar Chavez improved the lot of Hispanic farm-workers? He lobbied AGAINST immigration!

Face it--you're not above Peter. At least he's got the balls to speak the truth and unabashedly advocate for what he thinks is right.

You? Just another Hispanic supremacy chauvinist hiding behind your supposed "values and ideals."

John said...

How stupid of me..."facist" = "fascist"...been a while since I've written anything as you can probably tell.

ragemail said...

"the balls to speak the truth?" Geez John, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of speaking my mind. What is it with you guys? Just cause I call Brimelow a fascist wanker who should have his limey ass deported back to England, you feel the need to insult me. And you can't even be creative about it, you need to copy Brimelow's insult and call me a Hispanic supremacy chauvinist. This is fat stuff coming from people who peddle racist hatred. By the likes of Brimelow and his squad of racist goons anyone who is Hispanic and stands up for his or her rights is a chauvinist. Afraid, that one is not going to stick.

As for values and ideals, I thought that is what we were about, but maybe after 8 years of Bush/Cheney spitting on the Constitution, that just doesn't cut it any more. Democratic values certainly don't matter to Peter Brimelow. And yeah, I consider myself better than that low-life hate peddler.